Discovered: many “missing” pieces of Helen Andersen art

Although the present whereabouts of many major pieces remains to be learned, a remarkable turn of events has brought to light dozens of works previously thought lost. A storage area in a previous residence of Raabye Andersen, Helen’s husband, turned out to hold many pieces, mostly small works on paper, but some canvases, too.

Another Helen Andersen piece has been located

Derek Malone of Surrey B.C. inherited a very nice white on black drawing titled Indian Chieftains. He discovered this site while researching his piece and wrote using the contact form.

There are many more pieces, especially large oils, that remain to be located. If you have one, please follow Derek’s example and get in touch. Some day, you may be asked to participate in a retrospective exhibition. You may have an important piece of art in your collection.

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